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SETUP FEE: We may assess a one-time fee of $5.00 per individual user account. We waive this one-time setup fee if your agency, institution or organization currently subscribes to any of our other conferencing services.

Qualifying services include: Executive Audio Conferencing, Dedicated Audio Conferencing, Unlimited Video Conferencing, Virtual Meeting Rooms.


STEP 1 - Is your agency, institution or organization currently an OSUMEETME.VC service customer?

  1. YES. ACTION: Go to STEP 3 below (Request Accounts).
  2. NO or NOT SURE. ACTION: Follow the steps below.

If you can answer YES to 1 and 2 above, then go to STEP 3 (Request Accounts), otherwise follow these steps.

STEP 2 – Submit a New Customer form.

  1. Fill out the Customer Billing and VCON Coordinator sections.
    Available Formats: MS Word 2010 Format | MS Word 97-2003 Format | Adobe (PDF)

STEP 3 – Request Accounts

  1. We want to register just a few users.
    1. Fill out this short form: MS Word 2010 Format | MS Word 97-2003 Format | Adobe (PDF)

    We process all requests in one batch between 4:00PM – 5:00PM each business day. Any requests not received by 4:00PM will be processed in the next business day's batch. All users processed will individually receive an automatically generated Welcome Email from the system as the confirmation that their specific account has been activated. The email will include information regarding free on-demand or live training and information about technical support as well as account management and billing support.


    Your agency, institution or organization's billing will show the NUMBER of ACCOUNTS, times $12 for the web conferencing service, AND may show a separate line for the one-time setup fees based on NUMBER of ACCOUNTS times the $5 fee. As new accounts are added, your NUMBER of ACCOUNTS will increase, but only the costs associated with the added accounts will be reflected in that billing cycle. Subsequent annual billings of the service will be reflected on your July billing statement each year.

    Note About iLinc Audio Conferencing Service Costs: In addition to the FREE voice-and-video-over-the-web integrated service, the iLINC WEB CONFERENCING SUITE also includes a dedicated and integrated audio conferencing account with each account so that you can include callers from regular phones as well. Bear in mind that there is a per minute per caller fee associated with this service and these costs are not included as part of the Web Conferencing subscription for $12/year.


    Due to the generous rate negotiated for this service, we are not able to prorate this service.

    1The same or next business business day.