OSU-MCS Service Rates Effective: July 1, 2011
ServiceSubscriber RateUse
Dedicated Audio Conferencing
Available in 6-Port Increments starting at 12-Ports (12,18,24...)
$28/Port/MonthUnlimited Use
On-Demand Reservations
Unique Conference ID
Chairperson Access and Call Controll Codes
Executive Audio Conferencing
6-Ports (Max)

$25 One-Time Setup Fee (New Accounts)
Unlimited Use
Ad-Hoc, Reservationless
Dedicated Conference ID
Secure Activation Code
Video Conferencing
Subscriber Account
$65/Codec/MonthUnlimited Use
On-Demand Reservations
Video Conferencing
Per Use
(GUEST sites)
$25/CodecPer Use
Billed to the Hosting Subscriber Account.
RecordingFirst Hour $26 plus
$10 Each Additional Hour
Per Use
Recording is made available for download at no cost.
Dedicated Operator for
Duration of the Conference.
Video Site CertificationFree