Audio Conferencing

Audio Service Plan Options & Descriptions

Listed below are our audio conferencing service options. 

Key Features     MeetMe Executive MeetMe Audio+ OregonConnect
Host + Participants   1 Host
5 Participants
Multiple Hosts
Multiple Participants
Multiple Hosts
Multiple Participants
Dial-In Ports   6 Max 12 or more. Unlimited
Toll Free number   No Yes Yes
Rate   $24
per Month

per Dial-In Port
per Month

$336 per Month

Additional 6-Ports
$168 per Month

per Minute
per Participant

5 Callers, 60 Mins = $7.05
10 Callers, 60 Mins = $14.10

Billing Agent   OSU OSU OSU for Web Service
iLinc for Audio Service
Web Account Required   No No Yes ($12/Year)
Intended Use   Professional
Small Groups
Department / Agency
Shared Ports
Large Volume
Low Volume
Minutes or Meetings
Recordable   No Yes Yes
Signup for Service   SIGNUP SIGNUP SIGNUP

















NOTE: OSU MeetMe Audio+ service can be increased from the base 12-ports to any number of ports in increments of 6-ports. For example: 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, …

How To Order Service

  1. Click the SIGNUP for the service option that best meets your needs.
  2. Fill-in the approrpriate online or downloadable form.
  3. We will setup your service and notify you once that is complete.

Alternate Service Contracts

  • AT&T Connect at $0.025/Minute/Participant. (Web Conferencing Service Plan at $108/Year)
  • Adobe Connect (Meeting One) at $0.03/Minute/Participant).  (Web Conferencing Service Plan at $150/Year) 

For more information on the alternate service contracts.